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Airtel 3G Plans | Cheap Airtel 3G internet Plans

Airtel 3G Plans | Cheap Airtel 3G internet Plans

Airtel is the premium telecommunication company in India. The Airtel 3G Plans are very affordable for common man and are very fair.
You can also read the advantages of using airtel internet 3g over here.
Although Airtel has also launched the 4G service in some parts of the country. But still people are less attracted towards it due to its price.

Details of the Airtel Internet 3G plans

For Prepaid internet Plans:

Recharge Amount Benefit Validity
Rs 0 Zero Rental, Volume based charging at 3p/10kb 30 days
Rs. 102 300 MB 300 MB
Rs. 249 1 GB 30 days
Rs. 449 2.5 GB 30 days
Rs. 749 4 GB 30 days
Rs. 1499 10 GB 30 days


For Postpaid Internet Plans:

Amount Benefit Validity
Rs. 0 Usage charges at 3p/10kb, Max. upto Rs. 1000 Bill Cycle
Rs. 250 Built in 3G data: 2 Gb, Charges post usage: 3p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs. 450 Built in 3G data: 2 Gb, Charges post usage: 3p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs. 950 Built in 3G data: 6GB, unlimited free 2G data at controlled speed after 6GB Bill Cycle
Rs. 1500 Built in 3G data: 10 Gb, Charges post usage: 3p/10kb Bill Cycle

I hope all the airtel 3g plans are clear to you. I have created this short video about the same :


What is 3G?

3G is that the next generation of technology that has revolutionized the telecommunication business. excluding increasing the speed of communication, the target of this technology is to produce varied worth other services like video business, live streaming, mobile web access, IPTV, etc on the mobile phones. These services area unit attainable as a result of the 3G spectrum provides the required information measure.

3G Technology
Technically speaking 3G may be a network protocol that refers to the generations of mobile phones and telecommunication equipments that area unit compatible with the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) standards expressed by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). the fundamental demand for compilation to IMT-2000 standards is that the technology ought to offer peak information rates of atleast two hundred kbit/s. It’s value mentioning that speed isn’t the sole criteria for deciding whether or not the network protocol is 3G or not. 3G isn’t simply any high speed network however a protocol that has its own standards outlined underneath IMT-2000 by ITU.

3G Technology is meant for multimedia system communication. It provides services like higher information transfer rates. one in every of its key visions is to produce seamless world roaming, sanctioning users to maneuver across borders whereas exploitation constant variety and French telephone. in step with ITU it’s expected that IMT-2000 can offer higher transmission rates: a minimum speed of 2Mbit/s for stationary or walking users, and 348kbit/s in a very moving vehicle.

Benefits of Airtel Internet 3G Plans :

1. Faster data connectivity; i mean you can download stuffs faster and surfing is lot more fun with 3g.
2. Uninterrupted video streaming on phones.
3. Video calls and big mms.
4. Gud for data intensive applications.

 Airtel 3G plans vs Vodafone 3G plans

Airtel 3g Plans Review :

Airtel features a type of versatile 3G set ups together with a tariff termed because the ‘Sachet’ plan sort beneath that thirty minutes of 3G accessibility are often availed for Rs. 13. beneath constant sort, a really exciting budget postpaid tariff choice is Rs. forty one for one hundred fifty MB that is valid for seven days.
Airtel’s ‘Standard’ 3G plans vary from Rs. one zero one for three hundred MB to Rs. 750 for four GB and also the ‘High Value’ plans supply ten GB for Rs. 1,500. Most plans have a validity amount of thirty days but not like Vodafone and plan Cellular, Airtel’s postpaid packs carry a 3paissa per ten kilobyte charge on excess usage rather than 2paisa.

Airtel 3G plans | Airtel Internet 3G plans

Vodafone 3G Plans Review:

Vodafone’s paid 3G plans appear to be terribly competitively priced and with a small recharge of Rs. twenty six for twenty five MB valid for twenty-four hours, there’s very little additional that budget ZooZoo users might elicit. thirty day validity plans begin with Rs. 102 for three hundred MB and go up to Rs. 1,250 for five GB and Rs. 1,501 for ten GB. to boot, Vodafone conjointly offers its customers choices of recharging for Rs. 502 and Rs. 1002 that beside|associate with|keep company with} further 500/1000 native and STD minutes along with 500/1000 free native and national SMS.
Almost all the plans carry a charge of Rs. 2p per ten K once usage limit has been exceeded.

Get an Airtel 3G internet plan now!

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